Conditions for Sale of Alcohol

For alcohol consumed within the Premises (i.e. within the Village Hall), between Noon and Midnight, there are the following additional conditions:

     1. Groups and hirers will be required to comply with health and safety legislation.

     2. All the conditions attached to the premises licence are available to view on the notice board in the main hall.

     3. The sale or provision of alcohol on the hired premises is not permitted except by prior permission of the Hall


     4. Where the sale or provision of alcohol is permitted the hirer will comply fully with the committee’s

         requirements and with the licensing laws. The hirer confirms that they are aware of and will comply with

         the laws and the requirements of the committee. In addition, the hirer confirms that they are aware of and

         will comply with the four licensing objectives. These are:

               A. The prevention of crime and disorder.

               B. Public safety.

               C. The prevention of Public Nuisance.

               D. The protection of Children from Harm.

     5. Alcohol may not be sold for a price which is less than the permitted price (i.e. Duty plus VAT).

         For a Calculator, visit:



     6. The person or persons 23 yrs (or over) authorised by the committee to sell alcohol must be present for the entire duration of the hiring, and remain sober during the evening. No person under the age of 18 years shall be permitted to sell or supply alcohol on the premises.

     7. No person under the age of 18 shall be allowed at the bar. Also, the “designated person” will be responsible to ensure that under age persons are not served with alcohol. All persons who appear to be under age are to be asked for proof. This must include a Photo, Date of Birth and either a Holographic mark or an Ultraviolet Feature. Should they fail to do so, they should not be served.

     8. Alcohol must not be sold to any person who is drunk or heavily under the influence of alcohol.

     9. All customers are to be made aware that Beer, Cider and Larger are available in half-pint glasses, spirits in 25ml or 35ml measures and wine in 125ml measures. These measures must be displayed on a menu, price list or other printed material. Where a customer fails to specify the quantity they want they must be made aware these measures are available.

     10. If the committee feel that extra door or supervision should be required, the hirer will be responsible for engaging, at their own expense the number of Security Industry Licenced Door Staff stipulated by the committee for the duration of the event.

     11. No items likely to cause damage to the floors etc. shall be brought into the premises or allowed to remain without necessary precautions being taken by the hirer to safeguard Village Hall property.

     12. It is the duty of the hirer to ensure that users leave the premises and disperse and do not cause a nuisance to occupiers of adjacent or other premises in the vicinity.

     13. A Member of the committee may visit the premises unannounced to ensure that the rules are being observed.

     14. Should there be serious disorder or the rules laid down by the Hall Committee are broken, the Hall Committee retains the right to refuse any application from that person or organisation in the future.

     15. The sale of alcohol shall cease immediately, irrespective of the time previously agreed upon, when instructed to do so by the licence holder or their duly authorised representative.