Conditions for Use of Kitchen

1. Due to Food Hygiene Standards:

          a. No children under 16 years allowed in the kitchen;

          b. 16 – 18 year olds may go into kitchen, but are not allowed to cook.

2. Manuals are available in the kitchen for the following appliances:

          a. Water Heater (“the Urn”);

          b. Dishwasher;

          c. Dual Fuel Hob/Ovens;

          d. Microwave cooker;

          e. Fridge/Freezer.

3. Foods may be kept in fridge or freezer, for up to 7 days. If unclaimed, they will then be thrown away.

4. Make sure that the dishwasher is fully drained.

5. Put all crockery and cutlery away, in the correct cupboards or drawers.

6. All work surfaces to be left spotless, especially so during Covid-19 restrictions.

7. Cooker: clean with soft cloth, do not use scourer.

8. Stainless steel surfaces (hob’s backsplash and various appliances): clean with soft cloth, do not use scourer.

9. Any pans or containers that have been used to be washed and put away in the correct drawers.

10. Before leaving the kitchen, make sure that all appliances and lights are switched off.